Planning a baby: 5 Steps to a healthy pregnancy

So you are planning to have a baby. Congratulations! You are about to embark on one helluva rollercoaster journey and have a gala time on it. But before you begin, here are some noteworthy points that you must remember, if you want to make the joyride fun for both your baby and your partner. But before I begin, a little trivia.

While I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the story, it has been doing the rounds a lot, and I thought I might share it. An African tribe has a tradition wherein they do not use the baby’s entry into the world as their birthdate. In stead, they consider the time when the baby was conceived as a thought in its mother’s mind, as a day of its coming into existence. Which I think is a beautiful way to look at it. The mother then sits under a tree, alone, till she hears the song of the new soul. This song is then repeated at the time of conception, birth, and during every milestone in the child’s life. The song is taught to everyone around, so that when the soul departs its earthly body, the song is sung to him for the last time. I find it an extraordinary method to celebrate life. Read the full article here.

While you may not have to sit under a tree waiting for the song to manifest, you do indeed wait in some way or the other for your baby to manifest. 


Stay Positive



Being joyful and happy from within is part and parcel of bringing a baby into this world. Later, during pregnancy raging hormones will make your emotions run amok and make you irritable, crabby and volatile. Right now though, focus on being positive. Take some time out to feel gratitude for the things you already have. Say thanks to God or any other higher power you believe in. Start each day on a happy mode. Focus on the good things.






Take time out every morning to meditate. Just a few minutes every day are enough. Play some soothing music, and clear all your thoughts. It is easier said than done. The mind seeks to do what it is told specifically not to, at least initially. But you will get there soon.

Why is this important?

Meditation has known benefits. Taking some time to stay quiet, not only makes you calm and peaceful from within but also boosts your immunity. Good to boost that bod up to gear up for the changes that it is going to be subjected to.


Eat Healthy


Dunk that junk food, and go for the healthy.

  • Stock up on colorful veggies and fruit.
  • Eat a whole lot of greens.
  • Add more grains, legumes, pulses and sprouts to your daily lunch and dinner.
  • Limit your tea or coffee intake as much as possible. Drink fruit juices in stead.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible. A glass of wine, occasionally, doesn’t do much harm though. However post conception, it is better to abstain completely.

Prenatal vitamin supplements



Have a prenatal visit to your gynecologist. If you haven’t seen a gynecologist, do a little research. Find a good gynecologist near you and have a prenatal check-up. Amongst other things, your practitioner will prescribe a couple of vitamins or iron and calcium supplements. Because let’s face it, there isn’t a way to ensure that you meet all your nutritional requirements, just through your diet, which can be quite erratic even for the ones with the best intentions.




Exercising from before conception makes your body supple and agile and it helps to have it in shape to prepare it for the pregnancy path.

  • Include walks in your routine. Ideally thirty minutes of brisk walking is great, but if you can’t, then you can find easy cheats. Ditch the bike or the car. Walk your way to the local markets.
  • Ditch the lift too. Take the stairs.
  • Yoga
  • A few simple home exercises for a few minutes at least three to four times a week.

However, proceed with caution once you have conceived. No strenuous exercises, and any workout must be okayed by your practitioner.


Rock it in the bedroom department




Get intimate with your partner every other day. It increases the chances of conception. But do not make it a chore. Be spontaneous. Just go with it. Love your partner. I don’t know if it is an old wives’ tale, but I once heard that a baby born to a couple madly in love, often is an angelic, happy baby.


And while you are at it, have fun. It is very common for most couples to conceive after months of trying, even up to a year and half. So if it isn’t happening to soon for you, do not be alarmed. Keep your practitioner informed.

We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy!






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