Baby Menu Weekly Planner Free Printable

When both my kids were babies, I had a tough time tracking their allergies, introducing a new food each week, making sure that I included most food groups appropriate at baby’s age. I maintained a journal, but what can be better than a printable weekly menu planner? It is cute, it is handy, and you can simply carry the last week’s page to the pediatrician in case it is required.

©Gauri Kekre and Parent Avenue
©Gauri Kekre and Parent Avenue


There is a space for notes in the lower right hand corner. Here you can write about which new food was introduced this week, allergies if noted, and plans for the next week, or baby’s likes and dislikes. Once you are done with the week, simply punch holes along the side, and file it in your baby’s diet file. As easy as that.

Tracking baby’s menu was never this easy and cute 🙂

You can download the pdf version here:

Baby menu weekly planner

Please do not use the above printable for any except personal reasons. Feel free to share the link, but do not use it for commercial purposes.


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