How to perform Heimlich Maneuvre on a choking kid

Choking is life threatening. A child can choke on any number of things like hard candy, lollipop or even toys. As a parent, it is a vital skill to know how to perform the Heimlich Maneuvre on a choking kid. Let us pray to God that you may never need it. But in case you ever do, you should be armed with knowledge about what you can do to help your kid before professional help arrives.


Step.1: Stay Calm

It is no help to your kid if you are panicking. A calm parent with assuring posture is more helpful to a child than a panicky one. And that applies to all situations of life. Stay calm, so that your mind is clear about the steps you need to take.

Call for help. Have someone call an ambulance, a rickshaw, a car ride, anything that can immediately take your child to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Step 2: Check if your child is choking.

If your child is indeed choking, he/she will use the universal sign of choking which comes naturally to everyone i.e. holding their throat with their hands.

Step 3: Coughing

If your child is coughing forcefully, it is a sign that he/she can still breathe. Encourage the child to cough forcefully.

Step 4: Back thrust

If your child is unable to cough it means that he/she is unable to breathe because the object is now lodged in the airway. Have the child bend forwards and lean on your left hand. Always support the child this way. With the heel of your palm, thrust sharply on the back for five counts.

Step 5: Abdominal thrust

If the object is still lodged in, after five counts, have the child standing straight. Kneel behind your child, and put your left finger on the navel. Just above that finger, place your right hand, fisted. Now hold that hand with the left hand and pull towards yourself and upwards, sharply for five counts.

Repeat step 4 and 5 till help arrives or till the object is dislodged. If your child appears to be getting unconscious, have the child lie down on his/her back.

Step 6: Abdominal thrust while lying down.

Straddle the child with one leg on each side. With both hands, apply thrust on the lower abdomen, till the object is dislodged.


Practice the Heimlich Manuevre without force on your spouse. This will ensure that you know what to do, if ever the need arises.

Here’s a video demonstration of the same.


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