DIY School Book Labels

First of all, I’d like all of you to take a look at Poornima’s awesome Craft Kit.

I got her crafty kit some time back with all the instructions about the various craft things I could make with it or help my kid make it. We made some, and we still had lots left over. But the thing about crafts is that without a proper showcase, they usually at some time or later find their way into the dustbin, which is a shame. That is why I was thinking of things I could make with this kit, that would last well for a long time.

It isn’t as if school book labels are uninteresting or a time-saver. They are indeed. But there is something about DIY that makes the value of everything go a notch higher. Ever since I began my first blog Roz Ka Khana, I have become obsessed with DIY. Not just in food, but also in other stuff such as this.


What you will need:

  • Chart paper
  • Metal Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Sketch pens
  • Buttons
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft punch
  • Foam sheets
  • Glitter foam sheets
  • glue
  • any other things you can think of that are left over in your home like ribbons, thread, cottonwool etc. The possibilities are endless

Step 1

I made one label for each of her textbook. I first cut out equal rectangles of the chart paper and kept them aside.

Step 2

This is what I did, you can do it in whichever way you like. I picked a theme from the textbook. Even the name of the textbook provided some good clues, like a chick for Little Chick Chick, or a stack of books for Oxford Reading Circle.

If you have your own ideas proceed with it. I usually need a visual guide to complete such projects. So I googled clip art for the theme, and picked a cute image. Then with a pencil I drew the shapes on the foam sheets, or craft papers.


Step 3

Cut out along the guidelines. With foam, you have to be careful while cutting. The hardest is the alphabets. The easiest was the round sun shape.

Step 4

Arrange everything in the order you want to see them and glue them on. Add the final touches with markers, colors, glitter glues etc.

Step 5

With a good handwriting, write NAME, STD, DIV, SCHOOL in box letters one under the other. Using a ruler and a marker, draw even straight lines in front of each option. You can now write your child’s name and particulars in these spaces.


There, your awesome DIY School Book Labels are now ready! If your kid is older, you can have them make their own labels in this way. Unleash their creativity!


For Poornima’s Craft Kit, you can contact her here.


Thank you for your valuable feedback :-)

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