Sparkle and Molly

Sparkle the sparrow was upset. 

She had just had a fight with her best friend Molly the mole. 

Molly wanted to play in her burrow but Sparkle wanted to fly.

“I cannot go down into the burrow with you!” cried Sparkle.

“And I cannot fly, I have no wings!” exclaimed Molly.

Sparkle went back to her nest and was brooding in her corner. Mother Sparrow called out to little Sparkle.

“Is something the matter, my dear?”


“Yes mother, Molly won’t play with me and that makes me very sad.”

Mother Sparrow listened carefully while Sparkle told her the whole story.

“Have you forgotten all the good times you shared with Molly?” Mother Sparrow asked.

“Like when?”

“Do you remember Gary the goose’s birthday party?”

“Yes, what fun we had! We splashed together in the pool!” began Sparkle.

“And Mother, do you know? When the other birds were mean to me at school, Molly wiped away my tears and made me smile.”

“You see Sparkle? Both of you can have fun together if you stop thinking only of yourselves.”

“Yes mother, you are right. I will go and say sorry to Molly right away!” cried Sparkle.

When Sparkle opened the door, she was very much surprised. For there in the doorway, stood her best friend Molly.


“I am sorry Sparkle,” said Molly.

“Oh, I am sorry too Molly, you are my best friend!” said Sparkle.

Mother Sparrow who was listening to the two friends from the kitchen, smiled and said, “Have fun, my dears. I will make porridge for the two of you when you are back.”

Sparkle and Molly hugged each other, and laughed and went out to play.

They were best friends again.



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